Menu update in Blok, the lead meat restaurant in Russia.

After its opening in September and presenting to the public a record number of steaks and meat dishes, Alexander Rappoport's Blok restaurant has already brightened the cloudy season with its menu update.

And while St. Petersburg citizens are busy with studying all 60 items of fried, boiled, stewed and raw meat, the executive chef Evgeny Mescheryakov (the winner of Bocuse d'Or Battle 2014) has not only paid attention to fish and sea foods, but also went further.

The opening dish is an elegant appetizer – éclair with crab cream and shrimp tempura.

The airy éclairs are baked in our bakeshop and then are filled with crab mousse – its sweet and salty taste is highlighted by mousse from early peas.

This composition of melting textures is complemented by crunchy tempura covering the shrimp.

Suguday made of muksun fish dressed with Vologda oil

In the language of the indigenous peoples of the Russian North "sugudat" means eating raw fish. The dish was conceived by Evgeny Mescheryakov as playing with the concept of northern seviche, and its manner of serving resembles the landscape of the Kola Peninsula. Muksun fish is marinated for a few minutes and is served surrounded by smooth "stones" (such stones can be found on the shores of the northern lakes), but on closer examination, these "stones" appear to be baked potatoes. They are surrounded by contrasting bright, almost emerald, moss, which appears to be light spinach biscuit with totally different flavor. A surprise is to be found under the fish – Tahini from sunflower seeds and herbs gives the elastic marinated muksun a warm and sweetish flavor.

Far East crab with quinoa and tomatoes concassé

This dish can be considered both appetizer and salad. Quinoa with slices of avocado and tomato concassé should be stirred with soft meat of Far East crab. And dressing with a variety of flavors is made not only from Dijon mustard, but also from pickled plums, pine nut and hazelnut oil.

Murmansk cod filet with parsnip mousse, onions and mussels sauce

Tender, but thick Murmansk cod filet is almost entirely hidden under the sauce. Bisque from Rostov crayfish with northern mussels and mushrooms creates a wonderful bouquet of flavors and goes perfectly with onion halves filled with tartare from marinated cucumbers. And bright ruby beet ravioli stuffed with parsnip resemble in a way the flashes of the Northern Lights.

Spicy spaghetti with pike caviar "Odessa style"

Evgeny Mescheryakov seeks for the inspiration for new dishes not only in northern latitudes. That is why it was decided to serve the paste in south style, with spicy flavor. Although the main ingredients are not only chili pepper and herbs, particularly cilantro. The paste is decorated with pike caviar of wonderful amber shade, cooked according to a traditional Odessa recipe with onion and sour cream.

Cabbage rolls with duck, beef and anise

Going from north to south, fish gives way to poultry and meat among the new dishes. When the dish is served, you may mistakenly think that this is the first course, at least a creamy soup. In fact, chips from Savoy cabbage decorating the dish are almost drowned in a spicy pumpkin sauce with smoked sour cream and orange caramel. Tender fibers of stewed duck and classic veal with rice and cabbage medium -sized petals are perfectly accompanied with a bright flavor of the sauce.

Stewed veal cheeks with topinambour mousse

Among delicate winter dishes, stewed veal cheeks should be particularly noted – they are cooked in a special way that makes them very delicate: first, they are smoked for more than four hours at low temperature, then they are stewed for five hours in a broth with vegetables which gives it a pleasant smell. Veal cheeks are complemented by the sauce from red wine and port, and then they are served with carrot mousse and roasted topinambour mousse. The dish is decorated with blanched peas and carrots, topinambour powder, popcorn from buckwheat and olive cream.

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