The Blok Restaurant and Austrian High School of Etiquette, with the support of the Leningrad Center, invite kids from 6 to 14 years to a series of entertaining, creative and educational classes.

Every Sunday we teach, while playing games, our youngest friends the basics of classical etiquette.

We have two charming presenters – the dolls Evangelina and Sophia, who tell about conventional manners and how to behave in different situations. They explain, using simple examples, the nuances of communication in high society: how to greet and to behave at the table, how to be a friendly host and a pleasant guest, how to dress and follow dress code, how to be polite anytime and anywhere.

The classes are given by qualified teachers of the Austrian High School of Etiquette.

The course consists of five game lectures.

The classes start every Sunday at 2 p.m.

Advance registration needed: +7 (812) 4154040

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