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Booking Vouchers Rules of Purchase For Visiting Blok Restaurant

When purchasing a Booking Voucher for visiting the Blok Restaurant, you award a contract of food services with the Blok Restaurant on terms and conditions specified in the current Rules.

A Booking Voucher is a plastic or electronic document that confirms its holder’s right to get food services at the Blok Restaurant to the amount equal to the Booking Voucher’s notional value.

The Blok Restaurant is a food public place situated at: ul. Potemkinskaya, 4, lit. A, 5th floor, St. Petersburg.

Booking Voucher’s holder has the following rights:

  • — A right to visit the Blok restaurant and to take the table booked at the restaurant booking service for a particular date and time agreed in advance;
  • — A right to order food and beverages in accordance with the restaurant menu including takeaway orders.

How to purchase Booking Vouchers:

  • — At the Blok Restaurant in its open hours;
  • — Online on the website: www.blok.restaurant.

In case of ordering food and beverages to the amount exceeding the notional value of the Booking Voucher, the difference shall be paid by a Voucher’s holder based on the bill provided.

In case of ordering food and beverages to the amount less than the notional value of the Booking Voucher, the remaining amount shall not be paid back.

The validity period of the Booking Voucher is a date and time agreed with the restaurant booking service in advance and confirmed by the individual booking code.

How to purchase Booking Voucher on the website www.blok.restaurant:

  1. 1. In order to get services under Booking Voucher you need to fill in the form on the website www.blok.restaurant, specifying your personal data, a number Booking vouchers you want to purchase and a planned date of visiting the restaurant, so that a restaurant administrator could contact you.
  2. 2. A restaurant administrator will contact you in the nearest future to agree the time of your visit. You will be provided with a unique booking code valid within 30 minutes from the moment of receiving it.
  3. 3. You will need to enter your unique booking code into the booking form on the website www.blok.restaurant in order to make a payment of Booking Voucher.
  4. 4. When you click the button “Go to payment”, the system will re-address you to the AO Gazprombank payment page where you will need to input your card details and make the payment. You will see the payment result on the same page and also you will receive the corresponding message to the email specified by you before.
  5. 5. Once the payment procedure is complete, you will receive the unique code of the Booking Voucher to your email and to your phone number.

The Booking Voucher shall not be returned or changed to money or to a different voucher. It will not be restored in case of loss.

The services upon the Booking Voucher will be rendered only if the Booking Voucher is provided.

You may get the information about the value of the Booking Voucher on the website www.blok.restaurant or at the booking service on phone +7 (812) 415-40- 40.

Payment safety

The payment safety is guaranteed by an acquiring bank acting based on modern protocols and technologies developed by international payment systems Visa International and MasterCard Worldwide (3D-Secure: Verified by VISA, MasterCard SecureCode). The confidential data received from the card holder are processed in an acquiring bank processing center certified on PCI DSS Standard. Information safety is provided by modern safety protocols in the Internet.

Processing of Personal Data

When awarding a contract for getting food services, you give permission for processing of your personal data received by the Blok Restaurant during the purchase of Gift Voucher, namely: Surname, Name, Phone number, email. If you agree to receive information messages, that means you give the Blok Restaurant permission to contact you by phone and/or email to inform you about events and offers at the Blok Restaurant.

The purpose of processing of personal data is rendering food services and if you have given permission to receive information messages, the purpose of processing of personal data is also conduct of advertising campaigns, marketing and opinion researches.

You agree that if necessary to realize the purpose of processing of personal data, your personal data may be passed on to a third party that the Blok Restaurant may commission processing of personal data to, based on the Contract awarded with such third parties including cross-border data transmission under the condition of compliance with the requirements of the law of Russian Federation about keeping personal data confidential and safe, while processing by those third parties.

At the time of processing, the following actions may be taken to your personal data, both using automation technologies and not using them: collection, record, filing, build-up, storage, detailing (update, change), extraction, usage, transfer (submission, access), sorting out, depersonalization, blocking out, deletion, elimination of personal data.

The permission given by you to processing of personal data is not limited in time and may be recalled by sending the email notification to welcome@blokrest.com. The agreement to receive information messages from the Blok Restaurant via such means of communication as email, phone, text messages in the purpose of advertising, marketing and opinion researches is also not limited in time and may be recalled by clicking the button “Unsubscribe” or by sending a notification email to welcome@blokrest.com.

The Blok Restaurant conducts processing of personal data in compliance with the law of Russian Federation.

Bank details

OOO Trapeza
ul. Potemkinskaya, 4, lit. A,191123, St. Petersburg, Russia
INN 7842022946/ KPP 784201001
OGRN 1157847036951
OKPO 00152649
OKTMO 40911000000
Branch of AO GPB in St. Petersburg
BIK 044030827
Corresponding account 30101810200000000827
Account number 40702810300000002574

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