The Blok restaurant is situated on the roof of the Leningrad Center in the Tavrichesky Garden.

Our concept is on the one hand the cuisine of Russian provincial regions and on the other hand – Russian meat of highest quality which surpasses the existing foreign rivals. We cook following both traditional and present-day recipes, and we have a huge variety of meat dishes – more than 60 dishes including veal cheeks and steaks, the half of which you can taste only in Blok.

The founder of Blok is Alexander Rappoport, a restaurateur from Moscow who became a “Restaurateur of the year" in 2014, according to GQ magazine. He already manages such famous restaurants as Dr. Zhivago, China Gramota, Black Thai, Pub Lo Picasso and Cook'Kareku, however he chose St. Petersburg to be the location of his lead restaurant. Alexander Rappoport promises to do his best to make Blok the number one meat restaurant in Russia. Though, some steps are already taken and, what is the most important, meat of highest quality is found: perfect black angus cattle are grown in Voronezh region. They are fed with specially prepared grain mixture with wet corn as a base; due to such feed and to good genetics their meat has a very high degree of marbling – between Choice+ and Prime.

The biggest sections are Cold Meat and Fried, Boiled and Stewed Meat. Besides, in Blok we cook Minced Meat which is a burger from marbled beef, as well as chicken, veal and pheasant cutlets. Cold Meat – it's 7 sorts of tartare and 4 sorts of carpaccio; Fried, Boiled and Stewed Meat – it's dozens of steaks the half of which you can taste only in Blok, stewed beef ribs with juniper berries, onion Confit or oranges, venison or quail Stroganoff, and also khashlama, pelmeni, osso buco, roasted duck, veal cheeks, roasted marrowbones and cabbage rolls.

The section Cold Dishes Without Meat is also worth noticing: here you will find such rare dishes as Big Caspian herring, Narva lampreys, Murmansk scallops, Sakhalin shrimps, Soloviev's and Crimean oysters, burbot liver, as well as salad made of Krasnodar tomatoes with legendary Yalta onion and delicate pomegranate squeeze.

In the interior design of the restaurant are used the approaches that seem to be mutually exclusive, as riotous techno-eclectic style and totally classic layout. The result is a bright, multi-level and ceremonial space, literally bathed in the river of light originating in a giant chandelier in the dome and divided into multiple streams, reflecting in the mirrors built into the backs of the sofas. The most important details of the project are panoramic windows with views to the Tavrichesky Garden, glass roof, fireplaces of grated brass, multimedia panel walls arranged according to the museum hanging, the so-called trellis hanging. The designer determines the style of Blok as the Northern Art Nouveau which takes its roots in the classical tradition of St. Petersburg and in Russian avant-garde (works of some Russian avant-garde artists decorate the restaurant hall, such as Lentulov, Goncharova and Malevich).

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